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Testimonials > APOS Therapy

Having started my Apos Journey last week, after having been in extreme pain for the majority of my teenage years, after three days I was absolutely shocked and amazed by the results. The pain that was in my lower back, shoulders, the arch of my feet, hips and knees was all but gone.

Being a dancer and a very physical person, my pain really held me back from doing the things that I loved which really affected me not only physically, but mentally; not to mention I would often be too exhausted from the back ache to actually do anything, but lying down also hurt. Within a week of working with Apos I had been more physical than I’d ever been, in so much less pain, and in a much better headspace.

As a result of being hypermobile, my pain was often exacerbated, and I would often find that painkillers would not help; however, I no longer have need for painkillers as I am experiencing no pain. I have also found Apos ridiculously easy to use, only having to wear the boots for an hour a day as I go about my normal life around the house, and so this therapy has no interfered with my day to day life at all.

The boots are also easy to walk in and very comfortable to wear. I would thoroughly recommend Apos to all with hypermobilty, or with general aches and pains as within three days of wearing these boots I had already found myself in a lot less pain and a lot more happy in general. I cannot wait to see what the results will bring after a year of wear!



Hi Emma

Apos Therapy - Amazing

Just going into my sixth month on AposTherapy, from the initial consultation to the regular follow ups you feel you are in safe hands. I was desperate when I contacted Emma, unable to walk properly, bent over, rolling from side to side and in considerable pain in lower back and legs. 


testimonial for aposI had been under the NHS for a year, and as we all know, their procedures and waiting times meant my condition was getting worse even after a caurdal epidural which exacerbated the problem. Whilst initially I had conventional physiotherapy with Emma, she then suggested I had an Apos Therapy Assessment. On the day of the assessment I was fitted with the boots which were calibrated for me.


Wow I could stand upright and walk without rolling from side to side. I was convinced and rushed home with boots to start practising daily for the initial 15 mins a day. YES some of my friends were very sceptical how the boots could make a difference. By the end of two weeks I was up to 30 minutes  day, the lower back pain had gone.  Even when not wearing the boots I was still walking upright and not rolling from side to side, the friends were NO LONGER SCEPTICAL. I was no longer looking like a bent old lady and joy of joys I was pain free. I now wear the boots for an hour each day, which fits in well with doing the household chores.





I much appreciated your professionalism and attention today, fitting me into the schedule unexpectedly and being so thoughtful and thorough.  I have every confidence that my Year 2 programme will be as productive as Year 1.  I'll try the orthotic in my APOS boots and let you know how it goes.

All the very best











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