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Vibrations stimulate muscles to increase blood flow, boost collagen, encourage healing and retrain trigger points

Electrotherapy is a useful addition to physiotherapy treatment. It works at a cellular level to promote the healing process and optimise recovery.

Here at Emma James Physio, we have a wide variety of electrotherapy modalities including Ultrasound, Interferential and Muscle Stimulation. Depending on the modality used, there is either a heating or cellular vibration of the damaged area thus increasing blood flow and enhancing the quality and quantity of collagen deposited in the injured tissue, resulting in a higher tensile strength and elasticity of the tissue affected.

Electrotherapy can also be used over areas of muscle spasm to deactivate trigger points (areas of spasm and exquisite tenderness) and thus reduce pain. Through muscle stimulation techniques, muscle activity can be promoted where there is poor firing of muscles due to injury/disuse atrophy or post-operatively. This type of stimulation can play an important role in the re-education of muscle groups to re-train and improve muscle bulk.

Electrotherapy modalities are used in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques in order to optimise treatment effectiveness.

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