Joint Mobilisation

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What Is Joint Mobilisation?

 Joint stiffness contributes to pain, reduced movement and dysfunction. Reduced movement at specific intricate parts of the skeletal system leads to overuse and overstrain of other components, which in turn results in pain and irritation. Mobilisations can be performed in many directions with differing force depending upon the degree of dysfunction present.


Joint Stiffness

Joints can become stiff for a number of reasons:

Post fracture 
After immobilisation from a cast/splint

Post-operative stiffness
From Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis
Post trauma (direct or indirect)
Poor posture
Sporting injury or overuse injury
As a result from muscle imbalance or biomechanical dysfunction i.e. chronic overuse symptoms
From spinal dysfunction such as lower back or neck pain

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