What is Pelvi Power?

The newly developed Pelvi Power Training is non-invasive and is based on magnetic field stimulation and the bio-feedback of your body.

It is used to strengthen the pelvic floor after birth, bladder weakness, menopause, back pain, prostatectomy, strengthening, posture and much more.

So… What does it actually do?

The coil produces an electromagnetic field which makes any nerve within the reach of this field depolarize and send an Impulse to the muscle cell which makes it contract.

According to the frequency of the field, it is either the muscle cells individually contracting or, (around 20hz) all muscle cells fuse together and make one proper contraction.

So the great thing about this kind of action is that the NERVES tell the muscle to contract, so the brain is involved and remembers all the forgotten  areas of the pelvic floor because the muscles react and work on a pelvipower, whether they want to or not.


before using any pelvic training


The untrained pelvic floor cannot support the organs adequately.

during pelvipower training

PelviPower™ Training

The magnetic field waves train and strengthen the pelvic floor.


after pelvipower training


Through the PelviPower™ training, the pelvic floor can work properly again.




Training your Pelvic Floor

If you try to “train” your pelvic floor, most women “squeeze” the parts of the pelvic floor they know and feel, mostly around the sphincter muscles. But that is only a very tiny part of the pelvic floor, not the “carrying” part which is so important for all the functions of pelvic floor, like standing upright, holding the organs in place, etc., on top of that the “squeezing”  mostly just raises the tension in the pelvic floor, which is as bad as a weak pelvic floor.

With the Pelvipower you reach ALL the muscles of your pelvic floor and not only train them properly, but also make the brain include them again in its daily movement routine. Women feel that after Pelvipower sessions they suddenly can activate their pelvic floor much more clearly and holisticly.


Introductory Offer

To launch our new Pelvi Power service we are offering your first 15 minute session FREE. Offer for a limited time only. Contact us for details and how to book your place.



What and Who is it for?


  • Bladder Weakness
  • Bowl Weakness
  • Leaking
  • Prevention


  • Recovery of the pelvic floor after birth


  • Menopause
  • Bladder weakness
  • Tissue Toning
  • Increased Libido


  • Vitailty
  • Increased potency
  • Prostatectomy
  • Rehabilitation


  • Back pain
  • Relaxation
  • Strengthening
  • Posture


  • Performance
  • Fitness
  • Stability
  • Body Forming



  • pelvipower

    Training is carried out whilst wearing normal everyday clothing

  • A training session on the PelviPowerTM takes 15–20 minutes
  • The pelvic floor muscles are contracted up to 25,000 times by the magnetic waves. One to two training sessions per week are adequate to achieve effective success
  • PelviPowerTM can relax and strengthen your pelvic floor and stimulate better blood flow. After just a few training sessions an improvement is noticeable
  • During your PelviPowerTM training you are always accompanied by a qualified trainer and receive professional help as required
  • You receive your personal training card to record all your successes

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Daily Mail online article – A young mum has found that the Mummy MOT has been vital in her recovery after having a particularly traumatic birth.


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