Massage & Manual Therapy

Treatments to relieve muscle pain and spasms, improve circulation and reduce scar tissue. 

Benefits of Massage

Our physiotherapists have a vast medical and anatomical knowledge of massage, including sports and pregnancy massage, and other manual techniques and these can be used to restore muscle length, reduce friction between structures and relieve pain and muscle spasm. All of this allows normal function to be restored in the maximum time.

There are various techniques which can be used depending on your needs. Our physiotherapists will talk you through your options and discuss your goals to find the best plan for you.

Deep friction massage can be used on scar tissue to break down adhesions, which can hinder the healing process, thus allowing restoration of normal movement and function. Often soft tissue techniques are used to improve blood flow, which will directly enhance the healing process.

How Can It Help?

 Massage therapy has been proven to:

Reduce muscular tension
Improve circulatory issues
Stimulate the lymphatic system
Increase joint mobility
Aid relaxation and reduce the stress hormones
Aid recovery of soft tissue injuries
Improve sleep

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