A big thank you to Emma and her team for their wonderful treatment for my daughter’s sports injury. The broad experience of Emma and her team through; physiotherapy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, ultrasound treatment and customised exercise program, accelerated my daughter’s recovery and had her back on the pitch asap. I highly recommend the team.


 I have been meaning to contact you now for a few weeks to ask you to pass on my sincere thanks to Lisa Greenfield for all her kindness and expertise in her treatment of my neck nerve problem. I came to her in a very sorry state and in a lot of pain. She immediately understood my problem and hand delivered a letter to my GP the same day so I could be prescribed the best medication. After a number of follow up sessions and her advice I rapidly improved and have fully recovered in two months compared with five long months for a previous back injury where I relied solely on the doctor. 

Best wishes, Lesley

After a traumatic bike accident in December 2017 and two subsequent major shoulder surgeries including a replacement shoulder (humeral head and humerus) during the following four weeks, I am now making enormous progress under the careful and healing hands of Emma James and her team who are working on getting me and my shoulder back to maximum flexibility. I’m currently having two physio sessions a week including acupuncture, manipulation and massage and backing this up at home by doing numerous exercises under a carefully designed rehabilitation plan. All of the elements designed to assist me in the long term are paying off, I’m seeing improvements daily which keeps me focused. Jackie


Emma has looked after my dodgy knee for 15 years now and having moved I have tried to find someone nearer who is as good, as efficient and as cheerful as Emma. Needless to say I haven’t and so I tolerate the travel in order to see an excellent physio. 


Having suffered long term knee pain and sort the opinion of surgeons I was recommended to see Emma James.
I have been seeing Emma for hands on Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and Apos Therapy I am confident that my knee will be fixed without the need for surgery. The service I receive from the team has always been friendly and professional.I just wanted to provide some feedback on the treatment I had today. Raf provided me with some of the best treatment I have had. Based on very limited information (as I wasn’t quite sure how to explain the stiffness I experience) he gave me one of the best treatments I have had, providing me with a great mixture of stretches and working the muscles.The relief was almost instant. He also gave me some very good advice on how to manage the injury. It is a refreshing relief to have a physio who is happy to work the muscles hard but with a real awareness for how the body responds.

Thanks again, Sam

I recently visited Emma James Physio as I was very worried about my four year-old’s toe walking. Emma was absolutely fantastic from the word go! I am a GP working in the NHS and I have to say, I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge and the treatment and advice that we received. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Emma and her team not only to my friends and family, but to my patients also. Thank you Emma once again!

Kind regards, Ola

I am genuinely so grateful to Emma and her team, they were brilliant when I needed some physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment. Emma is so friendly yet professional, she completely made me feel at ease and even came in just for me on a Sunday. I will miss the laughs and gossip we had during the session! I would definitely recommend the physiotherapy and acupuncture services offered by Emma James Physio to anyone, especially as they are very efficient with the administration involved with health insurance claims, all I needed to focus on is getting my treatment. A delighted customer, Thank you Emma James!


Total Hip Replacement

I met Emma James through accumulated sports injuries and a long term low back issue. I was in a lot of pain. EJ Physio suggested my problem needed an x-ray and felt my back was related to my hip? X-ray, revealed a seriously degraded hip joint. I never saw that one coming, and to say I was shocked is an understatement! I had a total hip replacement in January 2015. EJ Physio devised and supervised a pre-surgical training schedule with their trainer in the gym. We did specific exercises aimed at a faster recovery post op. After surgery I was up on day one. Home after just five days. The hospital physio team were amazed at my progress. On crutches but mobile. EJ Physio started physio at my home, then aqua physio, then back into the gym working with both trainer and physio teams. I was back to normal in under three months, and back on the tennis court, pain free in less than four. Personally, I could not have had a better outcome. I would recommend this course of pre/post treatment and the EJ Physio practice to anyone facing, what is in effect major orthopaedic surgery. Thanks to the EJ Physio team. It was hard work but fun. I really appreciate your work and help. Jim Easton. 65 year old happy Bloke.

Jim Easton. 65 year old happy Bloke.

Hi, I have just finished a series of physio sessions with Maninder and just wanted to place on record my thanks for her help. I have had an issue for over a year now and Maninder is the third physio that I have seen and the only one to help make a difference. I feel that the methods used to treat my injury were more up to date than the previous physios and she seemed to have a far better understanding of the cause and required treatment. It was also nice that she knew at the start of each session exactly where we had got to the week previously as opposed to being asked which leg it was as another physio did after 3 sessions! Maninder had a great rapport and managed to make the stretching sessions enjoyable even when pushing me to my limits. I would not hesitate to see her again if I had another problem in the future.

Regards, Rob

Hi everyone. I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at the practice who helped me over the past 2/3 months. Thanks to Emma for all the acupuncture, David for the painstaking sessions (including the dreaded planking!), Lorna for the sports massage and PT session (good luck with your career) and to Michelle for booking in all my appointments. The place felt like my second home during my treatment as I felt I was never away from there! Also a thank you to those whom I haven’t learnt their names. In the nicest possible way I hope I don’t see you again or have the need to come back. I’m continuing with my core strengthening exercises, including planking!!!

Take care and thank you once again. Steve

Hi, Imogen recovered from spinal surgery. Thought you’d like to see a couple of photos of Imogen in action in her first competition in 20 months, and since spinal surgery less than a year ago. She came 3rd in the Juniors of Alpha Factor and is set for the English Championships 3 March and the British in Liverpool 22 March. Imogen recovered from spinal surgery. Huge thanks to all who’ve helped with her treatment, recovery and continuing rehab/physio

Pauline & David Davies As a private individual not representing any organisation

Thank you!!! I am genuinely so grateful. Emma and David have been brilliant. Please tell Emma I want to come back for Pilates and “that wobble thingy”!!! Will miss the laugh and gossip, so she’ll have to save it up for me. I’m going to try to lose weight, get fitter and save some pennies. 

Will see you all soon. Jo

Emma and her team have spent six months following my ACL reconstruction rehabilitating me back to full fitness. My daily visits were always greeted with a very warm welcome and my treatment has been a huge success. The whole team are very dedicated and nothing is too much for them to accommodate. My recovery has been a rapid and enjoyable experience and I now have full confidence in my new knee, having feared it may never return to full fitness. Emma you are a very dedicated professional, from your trip to visit me at home in the first week post op, to the endless acupuncture and massage as well as cups of tea and time to talk, you really do treat the whole person. My husband has also spent many months being treated for a dislocated knee and he too is now returned to full fitness and has benefited from the wide range of different treatments offered. Thank you Emma for all your hard work, patience and care. I miss you all but know you will all be there to fit us in whenever we need you. 


I broke my leg in two places and after being in a full plaster from toe to hip for 2 months, I needed intense physiotherapy and rehabilitation over the course of several months. The staff were very professional and compassionate towards my discomfort and lack of mobility. They tailored a physiotherapy program suited to my needs from chair based exercises to eventually running and cycling. They literally got me ‘back up and running’! I would recommend the physiotherapy services offered by Emma James Physio to anyone; and as they are very efficient with the administration involved with health insurance claims as well, all you need to worry about is getting better under their guidance. A happy and ‘repaired’ customer. 

Many thanks to all the staff Mark Smith

I’m a 46 year old male with a passion for playing darts. I play to a good standard, represent my county and play in numerous competitions. Over the last 14 months I had noticed a weakening in my shoulder with aches going down my right arm and a ‘pins and needles’ feeling in my hand. This began to affect my level of performance which eventually led to me contemplating giving the game up as I was unable to play to the standards I was accustomed to and was losing almost every time I played. I decided to go and see a consultant and after x-rays and an MRI scan I was told that physiotherapy was the best way to help treat my shoulder issues. I was referred to Emma James Physio who listened to my concerns and what I was hoping to get out of the treatment. I was then assessed and my condition was explained to me in depth. At the end of the first session I was given some exercises to do at home. The sessions continued with the treatment becoming more intense. I was then given a programme of exercises to do at my gym.
Eight weeks on and my shoulder is feeling much stronger and the aching in my arm when I throw darts has diminished. My practice game is improving and I will be competing in competitions again imminently thanks to Emma James Physio. 

Kind regards and thanks for all your help. Steve Hartley

I was training for the Chicago Marathon when I strained my calf just six weeks before the race. I thought it was unlikely I’d be able to continue training or even start the race, but Emma and Mario undertook a thorough holistic study of my running gait and identified weaknesses and tightness elsewhere which was likely causing the problem. A thorough focused program of therapy (including massage, acupuncture, strengthening and Vibrogym) allowed me to begin gentle training within a fortnight, and I was able to complete the marathon pain-free and in my targeted time. Interestingly some other minor niggles in my knee and Achilles which I had presumed unrelated to the calf issue, also noticeably improved during treatment suggesting all of the problems were being referred from a single source. I entered the marathon to raise funds in memory of a friend and colleague, and I was thus extremely grateful for Emma and Mario’s help in ensuring I was fit enough to compete. 

Bradley Amiee

I had a seemingly innocuous road accident at low speed last year. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but a few months afterwards, I could feel a pull and an ache across my right collarbone and shoulder area. I was referred for physiotherapy, and Fiona Cressy took on my case. On telling her the circumstances and feeling a little foolish as some time had passed since the accident, she immediately put me at ease, telling me that these circumstances were in no way unusual. I saw Fiona for around three months, and the whole time she explained everything clearly from what was causing the discomfort to the purpose of the exercises that she suggested. I always felt as though I was making progress and never felt as though she was rushing my recovery. I would recommend Fiona for both her expertise and her excellent patient care. Thanks for all your help, and clear explanation of what was happening. I shall ask for you by name should I need any more physio in the future! And for your kindness towards Emily too. 

Lynne Heaton

I’ve been really pleased with my treatment from Emma James Physiotherapy. I’ve had a long-standing shoulder complaint that has bothered me for years. I’d seen several different physios in the past but none were able to help me with it so I’d more or less given up and just became resigned to the fact that I had to live with the pain. However, I gave it one more shot and went to see Fiona Cressy at Emma James Physio for some treatment. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of treatment I’ve received. Fiona listened carefully and asked pertinent questions to really understand the pain I was experiencing and in what situation it was most severe. She went about the diagnosis in the same way a detective would try and solve a case: she spent a lot of time testing different things to investigate what the cause could be. She recommended a realistic set of exercises that were manageable with my busy routine which meant I actually did them – a rare thing for me! I was then particularly impressed that Fiona was willing to revisit and test her original diagnosis and was comfortable to adjust it became apparent there were several factors contributing to the pain I was experiencing – she then changed my exercises and monitored progress accordingly. This is in contrast to physios I’ve seen in the past who would simply make a diagnosis early and then keep pursuing the same line of treatment even when there was no improvement. I’m now thrilled to say that my shoulder is so much better than before. I still get some pain but it is greatly improved and I’m confident with Fiona’s help I’ll get there in the end – thank you Fiona! 

Luke Walton

Thanks to the dedication and hard work, commitment and support of the E.J. Physio team we have achieved more as a club than ever before…. We’re looking forward to the new season. 

Paul Bennett, Director of Tring Rugby Club

I recently incurred a serious shoulder injury. The treatment I received under the care of E James was exemplary. 


The physiotherapy I have received from the Emma James clinic has been of great help to me in combating the problems caused by my arthritis, not only by increasing the mobility and strength of my limbs, but also by fostering in me a more positive attitude to my problems. I have also very much appreciated the welcoming and happy atmosphere at the clinic. 

Joan Britton 29/08/2011

Hi Emma, I would like to thank you and your staff for all of the help and attention you have provided to me in my recuperation following my sports injury. I am now looking forward to enjoying my golf and competing again in triathlon. Please pass on my thanks to everyone at your practice.

Kindest regards, Stan Coltman

In Jan 2010 I was in a car crash that resulted in a long coma. It was said to my family that if I came round I would be a crippled vegetable. With my determination and the help of my family, the skill and kindness of the staff at Emma James Physiotherapy WE SHOWED THEM. Sometimes I did not want to go to physio because the hands on could be so painful and I was frightened of letting anyone down. But boy o boy am I glad and grateful I did go, thank you Emma James Physiotherapy. 

Theresa Ann Dragon

Recovering from a broken ankle and experiencing extreme distress by my lack of mobility and complete loss of walking confidence, I contacted Emma James for advice and guidance. From my initial telephone conversation through to my treatment completion, I have been delighted and impressed by Emma’s professionalism, knowledge and patient care. Emma provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy and complementary medicine skills, working with the patient to ensure a complete recovery and a prompt return to normal life. Her professionalism coupled with excellent motivational skills provide a complete recovery package. 

Vanessa Dye Berkhamsted

Hello Emma, Just want to thank you and everyone else involved in getting me fit in time to play in the football tournament this last weekend. We managed to make it to the final so ended up having to play six 30-minute games in one day. So it was a real test of both my knee and back and I’m glad to say they both appear to have coped very well.
Obviously the only downside to it is that I may not see you all again. But recent history suggests I’ll pick up another injury soon. 

Thanks again Robert Finch

I damaged my lower back shifting boxes around and endured a few days’ pain and discomfort in the hope that the problem would go away. It didn’t. Emma James Physio gave me an immediate appointment. Lucy examined me, treated me, sent me away with a set of exercises and, as it very quickly turned out, cured me. No delay, no fuss… and no pain.

David Guest, 56, Tring

The physiotherapy skills of E James are exceptional. An injury to my back was so severe that surgery was considered to be the only option. However, after an intensive course of physiotherapy, including ultrasound treatment, deep tissue massage and acupuncture, I feel so much better and am well on the road to recovery. 


 I’d been suffering with pain in my foot and hip for quite a long time before finally booking a physio appointment. I’d previously seen a podiatrist who said that it was due to wearing shoes that were too small. But that was several months back and it was still as painful as ever. I thought that the problem must be muscular or even skeletal, but in just one session the physio had identified it to be a nerve problem in my back. I have to say that I was amazed at the difference that the treatments made. Ultrasound, massage and acupuncture cured the pain in just a few sessions. A special cushion for my car seat, plus orthotic inner soles for my shoes have made sure that it’s not come back. Thank you so much Emma James for relieving me of discomfort and pain that I thought I’d have to live with.

Jack Hanison, Senior Consultant, Certified Scrum Master Conchango

 Emma James has treated both of my dislocated kneecap injuries over the last nine months. I have been extremely impressed by her professionalism, her treatment methods and her knowledge and without doubt my recovery has been influenced by her encouragement and determination. 

Sarah Liversedge, Deputy Head of Music Publishing, BBC

To Emma James and Staff, I would like to convey my thanks to you all for the way I have been treated during my appointments with you. From the time I set foot in the door to the commencement of treatment to my neck and shoulder I found you and your staff very kind and helpful. The physio and other treatments I have received were carried out very professionally and I was at ease throughout the process and the result so far is everything I hoped for. 

Once again my sincere thanks to you all. C.A. Minter (Mrs)

Emma and her team have managed to work wonders on my knackered knees. Her professional and personable manner along with her infectious laugh have helped overcome the endless acupuncture, deep scar tissue massage and rehab sessions I have had with her post my numerous ops. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… Emma James Physio. 

Mark Harrison

Thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago. I would like to say a ‘big’ thank you for all the help with my knee. I know I wasn’t the easiest of patients (especially when I kept falling over) but I’m really grateful for all your hard work over those many months! Good luck with your business and all the best for 2004. 

Rory O'Brien

As an ex-international fell runner I have suffered many sport related injuries and seen many osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists in an attempt to rid myself of the many ‘niggles’ that just wouldn’t go away. When I went to see Emma I was quite despondent and on the verge of giving up completely. Emma’s ‘can do’ approach was very refreshing. She got right to the root of the problem (pelvic instability) and taught me how to correct it. I went to Emma feeling very sceptical but she inspired confidence from the word go. I only wish I had been treated by Emma initially, I would have saved a lot of time, stress, pain and money! 

Joanne Paterson

Following a traumatic accident, causing a severe and complex ankle fracture, I have been guided back to health and fitness by Emma’s exemplary physiotherapy skills, as well moreover by her superb people skills, which have done much to motivate me through the recovery process. 

Allan R Peters, Founder and Managing Director of Charles Worthington London

I embarked on a course of physiotherapy after my knee operation in a combination of apprehension, pain and sheer boredom at the projected length of my recovery period. Immediately I met Emma I felt she and I were a team confidently setting out to correct the problem. Here was someone who clarified the goals of the treatment; gave clear and encouraging instructions; insisted on precise feedback from me and told me what to look for. Add to this her charm and sense of humour, and appointments are to be looked forward to rather than dreaded.

Jonathan Ruffle, Screenwriter

Emma, I never got the chance to say thank you for all your help with my back. You really have sorted it and I’m very grateful. I’ve been away in the US for a couple of weeks, but have been doing my exercises in my hotel room as instructed. Thanks so much… you’re a star!!  

Marcus Swift

Following an injury to my Achilles tendon from over training I was left facing a long period of rest and recuperation. After a consultation with Emma James at her surgery, there followed an intensive course of physiotherapy, including ultrasound treatment, deep tissue massage and acupuncture. I was able to maintain my training with specific exercises to help the recovery process and maintain my level of fitness which in turn enabled me to compete in a 10km running race within two weeks of the treatment. Thanks to her expertise I am now back on track for a full season of both running and cycling races. 

Peter Wager, Tri-Athlete

When the consultant told me I only had 20% of my knee ligament intact I thought my rugby career was over. Thanks to Ian’s (physio) hard work I’ve played the best season of Tring RUFC history-gaining promotion to London One League. I would never have got here if it hadn’t been for the E.J Physio team. 

Giles Wallace (Tring Rugby, First Team Vice Captain)

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